The Ravensbourne Arms

A Community Owned Live Music Pub & a new home for Sister Midnight?


Since we opened in 2018, we have worked to create an inclusive and affordable space for live music in South East London, and we are proud to be an important part of the thriving local music scene.


The Coronavirus Pandemic has pushed us to consider how we need to adapt so that we can safely and sustainably continue delivering live music. Sadly, this means moving on from our beloved Tanners Hill space to look for somewhere that is more suited to running gigs in a post COVID world.



Community has always been at the heart of everything we do, and we want your involvement more than ever as we embark on this next chapter. 

We have a plan to bring Sister Midnight into community ownership, raise funds to buy a disused Lewisham pub, and transform it into a thriving community-owned space with a strong focus on live music.


The Ravensbourne Arms has been empty since 2016, and is currently on the market. We think it would be an ideal space for a community-owned live music pub for Lewisham, where we can continue to provide a vital platform for musicians and creatives in South East London.


This kind of venture has been successfully achieved in other communities all over the UK, and we want our community to be next!

The Plan...

We want to convert Sister Midnight into a Community Benefit Society, a not-for-profit business structure that is community owned and run to the benefit of the wider community. We are being supported in this process by a wonderful Community Shares practitioner & Plunkett Foundation.


Community Benefit Societies:

  • Raise capital through a mix of grants, fundraising, loans and issuing Community Shares (a form of withdrawable share capital)

  • Anyone who buys a share becomes a member of the society

  • Have a democratic structure, where each member has one vote, regardless of how many shares they own in the society

  • Re-invests profits in the local community


You can read about the success of Community Owned pubs here, and more about Community Shares here

Community Consultation

We concluded our first phase of community consultation on the 27th Jan 2021. Thank you to everyone who took part! We published our report on our findings on the 12th Feb 2021, which you can read here.


Get Involved!

There is plenty of opportunity to get involved. We need people who are passionate about our vision for the space and can help to work towards making it happen. 

If you would like to get involved or can offer any kind of support please email

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